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The Design Residency

The Design Residency is an incubator that nurtures the growth of designers – fashion,textiles, homewares –  taking them from fledgling to completely realised businesses, in programs lasting 6-12 months. 

Supported by The City of Sydney Creative Spaces Program, The Design Residency has been created as a direct result of market needs – to nurture young designers, to help them develop their brands to maturity, to help them protect their ideas, to help them navigate the world of sales, marketing and pr, to workshop, to put them in contact with the media and industry players who can help them.

Our premises function as an office, a studio and a showroom, giving the resident designers a practical springboard onto the next level of their brand development. The space is a destination for design industry leaders from the media and retail. Our space combines the best aspects of a trusted community, innovation lab and business incubator.

We help designers by mentoring. We work on the big picture and help with the small details, assisting designers to achieve their goals and overcome the challenges of starting a new business. We demystify the process. We create introductions. We network. We listen.

The Design Residency program is the integral connection between what a designer has learnt in theory and the “real” industry. We look at all aspects of design development, production, manufacturing, sales and marketing and work alongside our “residents” in a structured environment. We give feed back about their product and help them to create a brand that is authentic to them.

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